Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)

An IDN is a domain name which consists at least one non-english character. So to say, the domain names which are in any native language except English can be called as IDN.Examples: ????? ( Hebrew domain name )

Issues: Cpanel does not support adding the IDN directly, so you will receive an error when you will directly enter the domain name in text box while adding a new account.

Fix : As the non-english character are not directly supported you need to conert them to theire equivalant PunyCode with the help of IDN conversion tool.Enter your domain name and get the equivalent PunyCode and use the resultant domain name to add the new domain.

Get the Punycode for ????? from the link
Enter the domain name ????? in input box , select the radio button Native characters, and click convert

The equivalent code is :

use the above code to add a new domain in WHM/Cpanel

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