Install ClamAV in Centos with Cpanel

Cpanel WHM Installation

The easiest way to install clam antivirus in cpanel is through install plugin option in Cpanel WHM .

Go > WHM > Cpanel Install Plugin > Enable Clamav Connector

Manual Installation

You can install clamav by compiling RPM packages.

1. Compiling source: download from clamav site.
2. Installing RPM package. Download

I tried to download and compile source package, but i got zlib error complaining the version not updated. so tried RPM and just able to install for myself.

By default clamav doesnt come with centos or perhaps with yum. You have to find rpm repository and install it.

Here is how you install clam antivirus (freely available) in centos running with cpanel.

yum install clamd


yum install clamav

If it doesnt work use this

rpm -Uhv

follow this instructions here based on centos version (Locate B2 in that page)

after installing that you can issue

yum install clamd


yum install clamav

either of those should work.

Once you have installed clamav in your centos…here are some of the basic commands using the software..

1. To update the antivirus database

> freshclam

2. To run antivirus and print infected files

clamav -ri /home

3. To remove infected files and emails.

clamav -ri --remove /home

3. Running as Cron Daily Job

To run antivirus as a cron job (automatically scan daily) just run crontab -e from your command line. Then add the following line and save the file.

02 1 * * * root clamscan -R /var/www

This will run the cron job daily @ 1.02 AM by scanning the public html. You can change the folder to whatever you want for mail etc.

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