Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator in which we can do load balancing with health checking of backends, URL rewriting etc;


Download the latest tar ball of varnish ::

$ wget

Before starting the installation we need to confirm that the server have following tools;
Recent versions of the GNU autotools (automake, autoconf, libtool and ncurses) POSIX-compatible make or GNU make is fine.
Latest version of GCC.

Configuring and building.

Untar the tar ball.

$ tar -zxvf varnish-2.0.4.tar.gz

First we need to generate the configure script:

$ ./

You may see some error messages. Check if configure and were generated. If they weren’t, you probably need newer versions of the GNU autotools. If they were; run again: any error messages it still shows the second time around are most likely caused by bugs in autoconf macros installed by other software you have on your machine, and can safely be ignored.

Next, run configure. In most cases, the defaults are correct and you do not need to specify any command-line options, except perhaps –prefix.

$ ./configure –enable-debugging-symbols –enable-developer-warnings –enable-dependency-tracking

If you have gcc 4.2.0 or newer, add –enable-extra-warnings to get additional compile-time warnings.

If you have a version of gcc with stack protection, add –enable-stack-protector to enable run-time stack smashing detection.

If you’re trying to track down an elusive bug or a race condition, –enable-diagnostics may help, but it will reduce performance and increase the amount of log data generated.

Now we have cleared all the errors in compilation. Lets make the file;

$ make
$ make install

The ‘make check’ can be used to test our build.

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