Megaraid commands

Intsall : MegaCli-8.02.21-1.noarch.rpm

Check the megaraid name is showing fine

root@ [~]# MegaCli64 -AdpAllInfo -aAll | grep "Product Name"
Product Name    : LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i

To see the raid level used.

root@ [~]# MegaCli64 -LDPDInfo -aAll  | grep -i level
RAID Level          : Primary-1, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-0
RAID Level          : Primary-0, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-0

The above means its RAID 0.

See the whole info.

MegaCli64 -AdpAllInfo -aAll  | less

See the hard disk and other solid state device info

MegaCli64 -PDList -aALL | less
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