DNS Cluster setup in cPanel for DNS forwarding

While doing domain transfer from one of our server to another server we can do dns clustering instead of dns forward. Through dns clustering we update the DNS settings of the domains in the old server as that in the new server.

In dns clustering we have master server and slave server.
Master server –> the server to which the transfer is taking place.
Slave server –> the server from which domain is transferred.

Through dns clustering we can synchronize the update made on the db file in the master server to slave server. So any change made in the zone files in master server will get updated in the slave server also.


Login to the Master server

Go to Main >> Cluster/Remote Access >> Configure Cluster.

  • Modify Cluster Status >> (current setting) Enable DNS Clustering.
  • Set the value for ‘Global Cluster Options’
  • Servers in your DNS Cluster

Here I have added the IP of the slave server along with the Remote access key (this has been taken from the slave servers ‘Setup Remote Access Key’ section). Then enable the DNS role as ‘Write-only”

We can give 3 options in this location

1. Synchronize changes: All changes made on this server will propagate to any server in the cluster that is linked to this server. Synchronization is one-way: changes made on another server will not propagate to this server unless Synchronize changes is selected on the other server as well.

2. Standalone: No changes made on this server will propagate to any other servers.

3. Write-only: Similar to Synchronize changes, except that selecting Synchronize changes on the remote server (or using the Synchronize DNS Records screen to synchronize zones to this server) has no effect.

We are giving the option as Write Only in our servers

From now on any change made in the zone files in master server will get synchronized in slave server also.

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