WordPress or phpBB not Sending Email? Try this fix.

Okay, for anybody who just upgraded WordPress, only to realize you’re not getting notification emails anymore, or the PHP mail() function isn’t working, or SMTP isn’t working, here is your solution. Yes, this is guaranteed to work, even if you’re using Gmail.

Method 1

If you are using c-panel and if you have signed up with google mail application then login to your C-panel and find the option MX Entry.

mx entry

Make sure that your setting is same as shown in image below

Click image to Zoome it

mx entry

Method 2

1. Go to your hosting cpanel and create this email account: wordpress@yourdomain.com. Replace “yourdomain.com” with whatever your domain name is. Make sure that if you have a .net, that you use .net instead of .com in that email. Set up your username and password and remember it.

2. Download WP-Mail-SMTP or Cimy Swift SMTP. Just pick one of these and install and activate the plugin.

3a. Configure your SMTP plugin under Settings or Tools in your sidebar. This is the most important step! Do not fill in this info with what Gmail tells you to put in. Do the following instead:
3b. Sender e-mail must be: the new email account you created in your hosting cpanel. Put in the full wordpress@yourdomain.com in there.
3c. If there is a checkbox to use SMTP, check it.
3d. SMTP server address will be: mail.yourdomain.com. Replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name again.
3e. Port will be 25 or 26. Try those before trying 456 for gmail. Contact your hosting provider if neither works. The chances of neither of these working are small.
3f. Username would be: wordpress@yourdomain.com. Replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name again.
3g. Password is the password for that account.
3h. Set SSL or TLS to no or no encryption. Try these before using TLS for gmail. Contact your hosting provider in case they require encryption, if this doesn’t work.

4. WordPress@yourdomain.com will now send the email to your personal account. Make sure that the email on your profile is correct, whether it’s yahoo, hotmail, gmail or any other account. If you are using a contact form, make sure that the email is set to your personal account, as well. The emails should now go to your spam or inbox.

If it still doesn’t work, you can have your wordpress@yourdomain.com send the email to itself and have your personal account pop forward it. Read the following if you are still having problems. Gmail is used as an example because most people have problems getting it to agree with their wordpress/hosting.

5a. Make sure that the email on your profile is changed to the wordpress@yourdomain.com email. If you are using a contact form, make sure that the emails are sent to the wordpress@yourdomain.com email. *This is important because wordpress and Gmail conflict and this is the only workaround I’ve come up with.
5b. Now, wordpress is set up to use SMTP to send emails out with your wordpress@yourdomain.com email. Step 5a makes sure that all the emails are sent to that same account. So basically, wordpress@yourdomain.com will send emails to itself.
5c. Now login to Gmail and go to Settings.
5d. Under Settings, go to Accounts.
5e. Under “Get mail from other accounts,” go to “Add a mail account you own”.
5f. Username is wordpress@yourdomain.com. Replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name.
5g. Password is wordpress@yourdomain.com’s password.
5h. POP Server should be mail.yourdomain.com.
Replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name.
5i. Port should be 110.
5j. Click Save Changes.

6. Now, WordPress will send the emails to the hosting server email account. And Gmail will fetch them. You could also create a Yahoo or Hotmail account and skip step 5 entirely, and then have Yahoo or Hotmail forward those emails to Gmail.

If you are still having problems, or need assistance, leave a comment. And good luck.

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